You don’t need to learn complex accounting
inCloudERP is for everyone, not just accountants

inCloudERP empowers your entire organization with real-time, LIVE dashboards in a web browser or mobile device. Instantly make business decisions from these dashboards. Do all this fast, online, and with full security. You can start with a few users and add as many as you need, when you need them.

Cloud ERP for everyone
Multi User Multi Site Cloud ERP

Your business runs real time, manage it LIVE

Real Time LIVE Business Cloud ERP

Track, Monitor, and Audit

Track user logging, account activity and everything that is happening in your business

Track Monitor Audit Cloud ERP
Track Monitor Audit Cloud ERP
Cloud ERP any time any place any device
Business Software, not just an Accounting Software

Designed specifically for business owners to plan, control, and drive their business.
Can be used by everyone, even if they don’t have accounting knowledge.

Allows Multiple Users and Multiple Roles

Anyone can use it depending on their job function; be it Sales, Purchase, Stock and Inventory management, Shipping/Delivery management, Accounting, Auditing, or Taxation.
Your data stays up-to-date even with multiple users make updates, real-time.
Role based access minimizes complexity, eliminates mistakes, and increases productivity in job functions.

Manage Tax and Tax Groups and generate Tax Reports for statutory compliance

Allows you to track and report sales taxes separately for your tax returns but display them as a single line for your customer.

Centralized data storage; Multiple access across locations

Data is available anywhere, anytime from any device.
Gives your bank-level security and privacy without any additional investment in technology.
You never have to worry about manually managing or integrating business transaction and stock data of multiple locations. Increases productivity and accuracy.

No Server Hardware, No Software installation required

No hardware installation is required at user’s end. Offers the freedom to gain access to the software from any device connected to the internet.
You avoid any headache related to software versions & Data mismatch.

Manage different Price Catalogue/list for Products

Allows you to pre-define product’s price and discount for your customers, enabling fast and error free invoicing.

Manage and Pay Bills from Suppliers

Empowers you to take effective control of cash flow. Make Supplier Payments with peace of mind by checking for unadjusted prepayments and Bank/Cash availability.

Eliminate duplication of Purchase Bill numbers of same Supplier

Eliminate the possibility of double entry of single Purchase Bill from different copies received on different date.

Track all pending Delivery Notes & Sales Order without a miss

You can track the Pending Dispatches, Pending Deliveries, Delivery Notes made for the day, and those that missed the delivery date.

Coordinate the movement of goods, in and out of your Company Warehouses

Maintain smooth warehouse operations; Leverage dedicated forms for Stock Transfer, Stock Journal, Delivery Note, and Receipt Note that ensures accurate movement of goods.

System Requirements

  • Internet connection required, minimum 512 KB broadband (high-speed connection recommended)
  • Latest version of Google Chrome/Firefox Browser
  • Minimum Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8x/Windows 10 OS
  • Minimum hardware requirements for PC:
    • Processor: Pentium Dual Core or equivalent
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • HDD: 10 GB of blank space
    • Display resolution: 1280 X 800